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ISBN 978-0-9903655-0-1

   Inside a multi-million dollar mansion in the quiet well-to-do Belle Meade area of Nashville, a sixty-something widow is murdered. Unsolved after eight years, no one has the nerve to call this one a cold case, at least not in the presence of the victim’s brother, Music City Mayor Harrison Rowe.


     Still frustrated by the lack of evidence and convinced he knows who the killer is; Mayor Rowe pulls rank and calls in veteran Nashville homicide detective, Sergeant Mike Neal. Rowe is familiar with Sergeant Neal’s unique past and he’s certain this investigator will have no trouble relating to the case. 


     The mayor’s appeal is motivated by his knowledge of Sergeant Neal’s most recent assignment. A young attorney was murdered near his home in Brentwood. The early stages of Sergeant Neal’s investigation have produced a person of interest, Nashville financial advisor Barrett Stone, who was the son of Mayor Rowe’s sister’s fiance and the man Rowe is convinced killed his sister.


    The morning following Sergeant Neal’s initial interview with Barrett Stone, the offices of Stone Asset Management, as well as all client investment accounts, are found empty. Initial investigations uncover reliable evidence that Barrett Stone has left the country with a new identity and forty-five million dollars.


    Mayor Rowe, guided by this knowledge and desiring revenge even more than justice, charges Sergeant Neal with one solitary assignment. Find Barrett Stone, and bring him back to Nashville to FACE THE MUSIC.



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