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ISBN 978-0-9903655-2-5

Country Music is Jon Cole’s mistress, his first love. He is becoming Nashville’s hottest new singer-songwriter on the fast track to Music City stardom. 


But, he’s torn. Brooke, his wife of two years wants him to know she has no intention of playing second fiddle or competing for his time and love.  She is unyielding and has made it clear she wants his music career dead and buried in his past. 


Nashville Homicide Sergeant Mike Neal and Detective Cris Vega are up next on rotation when the call comes in. A young woman is found by her husband when he arrives home at 2:30 in the morning. She’s been murdered. 


With the crime scene processed and evidence awaiting analysis, each of the detectives’ interviews is producing more suspects for the investigation. They’re rapidly discovering Brooke Cole was an obstruction to the designs of more than a few people. 


Grief-stricken and confused, Jon Cole is demanding to know, “Who killed my wife—and my music?”

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