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ISBN 978-0-9903655-3-2

Detective Cris Vega and Nashville's Homicide Unit are besieged by a soaring murder rate born of Music City's explosive population growth. This turbulent environment threatens to shatter the popular destination's image and disrupt its booming  tourism industry.


Just when Cris and her partner of seven years, Detective Jerry Rains, think the oppressive workload can't get any worse, Sergeant Mike Neal informs them they are being split up. The plan is for Cris and Jerry as senior investigators to orient the department's two newly hired detective transplants to Music City and train the newbies in Nashville Police Department procedures.    

Working with her new detective, Jason Lane, Cris uncovers what actually lured him to Nashville. In the process of his training, she exposes an unforeseen person of interest who could close the book on her most demanding new murder case.

When Cris's life is put at risk and Jason's back is against the wall, Cris presses him to expose what he's keeping to himself. His revelation astonishes Cris and in the end, could devastate Jason's plans for a fresh start in Music City.

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