ISBN 978-1-937937-00-3

   In a city famous for its southern hospitality and eclectic music, diversity is inviting disaster. When Nashville, Tennessee becomes host to the Kurdish-American Conference, the affable city discovers that the arriving dignitaries are not the only visitors with their sights on making this gathering a momentous international event. Radical factions are equally prepared.


    Two days before tbe launch of the conference, Homicide Detective Mike Neal is assigned the gruesome murder of a young Kurdish man who, only eight hours earlier, was sworn in as one of America's newest citizens.


   Brutal murder provides ample incentive to arouse this detective's instincts. But, factor in a band of homegrown white supremacists with a closed-border agenda, along with a deadly weapon strapped to an Arab terrorist, and Detective Neal, along with the citizens of his serene hometown, discover they are in the midst of a Music City meltdown.


"An exciting ... disturbing story ripped from the headlines. A classic confrontation between good and evil - I loved it!"

Marco Conelli

Creator of The Matthew Livingston young adult mystery series and

20 year veteran detective with the New York City Police Department.



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